How to contribute


This is the Documentations for 96rocks. You can view the documents at the This documents is hosted on Github Page with custom domain at gh-pages branch. The master branch is the souce for the documents.

How to contribute

Install hugo

The documents is generated by Hugo, a static site generator.

For apt based Linux such as Debian or Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install hugo

For MacOS:

brew install hugo

Other platform please refer Hugo install documents.

Local preview

Fork the repo and clone it

git clone --recurse
hugo server

The output is like below:

Serving pages from memory
Web Server is available at http://localhost:1313/ (bind address
Press Ctrl+C to stop

Open your browser, go to http://localhost:1313/ and you can view the docs locally.

Prepare the gh-pages branch

We use git’s worktree feature to checkout the gh-pages branch at public folder(which hugo will generate all the html to). Essentially, the worktree allows you to have multiple branches of the same local repository to be checked out in different directories.


cd public
git branch

You should see the gh-pages branch.

Edit/Add documents

The documents are under content directory, starting with multiple language support). You can copy and paste the exsiting files to start new sections. Put all the images in one image directory. Hugo can auto refresh if there is any file changes. Commit and push the change to your repo if the preview is ok and send pull request from the master branch. We will merge it and update the gh-pages branch. Updating gh-pages branch is live instantly. Your contribution will be automatically added to the credit section once merged.