Front Side

Front side of the board

The main components on the front side of rock960 are labeled as below:

Front side with label

  • Low Speed Connector: 96boards CE standard low speed expansion connector. Pin definition can be found at 96boards pinout
  • Debug UART: Low level debug message output, the default baud rate for rock960 is 1500000. You need [USB to TTL]() to connect to host PC. Configure serial tool on host PC.
  • Reset Key: Hardware reset key
  • Maskrom Key: Maskrom key is for upgrading the firmware on EMMC or boot from USB. Check Rockchip wiki about Maskrom mode
  • High Speed Connector: 96boards CE standard high speed expansion connector, with two MIPI channel and I2C
  • BT/WIFI Chip: AP6356s, 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n, 2xMIMO
  • BT/WIFI Antenna: On board antenna for BT/WIFI.