Fastboot is a USB protocol for the host to communicate with the target android device at bootloader stage. Rockchip implements the fastboot protocol in u-boot, so ROCK960 use fastboot functionality.

How to go to fastboot mode

There are 2 ways to go to fastboot mode

  • In u-boot serial console, type fastboot command to go to fastboot mode
  • In android shell, run adb reboot fastboot or reboot fastboot to reboot to fastboot mode. Note: adb reboot bootloader or adb reboot loader will reboot to Rockusb mode, not fastboot mode.

Fastboot host tools

The fastboot host command can run on Windows/Linux/macOS. To check if the devices is in fastboot mode:

fastboot -i 0x2207 devices

Supported fastboot commands

Get info command

fastboot getvar version                             #get the version
fastboot getvar version-bootloader                  #get the bootloader version
fastboot getvar unlocked                            #check if unlocked
fastboot getvar secure                              #check if locked
fastboot getvar product                             #get product name
fastboot getvar serialno                            #get serial number
fastboot getvar partition-type:<partition_name>     #get partition type
fastboot getvar partition-size:<partition_name>     #get partition size
fastboot getvar partition-offset:<partition_name>   #get partition offset

Lock/Unlock command

fastboot oem unlock
fastboot oem unlock_accept
(oem unlock_accept command must be input within 5 seconds after oem unlock command)

fastboot lock                 #lock the devices

Write images command

You must unlock the device first and then write images.

fastboot flash <partition_name> <file_name>
(For example, fastboot flash system system.img)
(Note: the partition name for parameter/loader is "parameter"/"loader")

Reboot command

fastboot oem recovery               #reboot to recovery
fastboot oem recovery:wipe_data     #reboot to factory reset
fastboot reboot                     #just reboot
fastboot reboot-bootloader          #reboot to rockusb mode
fastboot continue                   #normal boot